Show Him How Great You Are Doing Without Him

Ricardo Mancia
Ricardo Mancia

Right now, the thought of a life without him terrifies you.

He is familiarity and your comfort zone. He is a vital piece of you and he plays an important role in your life. He is your map, giving you guidance and direction in your life. Without him, you cannot see what life holds for you. You feel that your world is shrouded in darkness and cold.

But do not let this deter you. You are not allowed to let this heartbreak ruin you.

You are not a wilted flower, plucked and left to die. You are not a porcelain doll that is primed to his whim. You are not a weak whisper that begged him to stay. No, you my dear, you are the tree that has weathered far worse storms and emerged standing strong. You are a fierce fighter and the driving force behind your own life.

You are an echo and he will forever feel your presence in his skin long after you are gone.

Show him how he has vastly underestimated you.

He thought he could burn you with his inflamed words, not realizing that you’re a wildfire, scorching his heart in your determination to possess it. He thought you would drown in his river of indifference, not knowing that you come back as an ocean current, crashing into his mind and overflowing it with thought of you. He thought he could cower you into a corner like a frightened little bird, not dawning on him that you’re the dragon who spit fire, potent and powerful that causes destruction in you wake.

Show him how strong you are without him.

He thought you couldn’t do without him like a helpless child in need of his guidance and control. He thought he was your sun and without him, you would shrivel like a leaf and fade into nothingness. He thought he was your king and with him gone, you would lose your kingdom and meet you downfall.

But he thought wrong because you never needed him at all.

His mask has finally come undone and you’ve seen the monster lurking behind his icy twin pools. He may try to hurt you, but you’ve never been passive or calm, and you’ll fight back with everything you have. He may try to leave, but you danced into his life gracefully, and you can exit just as dignified.

Now without him, you have reclaimed control of your life. You are your own person and you have become your own light.

You have tossed away your fear and limitation deciding to seize the day. You pursue your dreams fiercely and you will climb mountain of difficulties, swim across ocean of obstacles, and conquer new heights of successes.

Meanwhile, your persistence will be tested, your endurance will be stretched, and everything you thought you know will be thrown into an array.

But you’ll learn to be okay with the uncertainty and unpredictably of life. You’ll learn to sit still with the chaos and just breathe knowing you did your best. You’ll learn to see the promise of a new beginning and understand the necessity of some endings.

You’ll learn to appreciate your strength and see how great you are doing. You’ll realize, with a happy heart, that you never needed him at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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