You Will Discover Your Best Self In Your Worst Heartache

Sam Burriss

You will discover your best self the moment you are so carelessly thrown into discomfort, for you will then start to learn how to be your own comfort.

You will discover your best self the moment you are hit with detachment, you will then start to recognize that as women we are biologically and mentally born experts on how to let things go. We know how to let things leave our body, how to become new, and how to shed everything that is no longer serving us.

Your best self will start to shine in the moments that you allow yourself to sit in grief and then allow hope to write the story.

Your best self will start to unfold when you look in the mirror and you see your inner-woman superpowers. You will see that you can overcome anything, you will see that you are stronger when you stand with other women rather than compete with them. You will see that you were made to create more magic in this world. You will see that you can handle any and all things with grace.

Your best self will pick the broken pieces off the floor and move them purely so you don’t cut your own feet.

Your best self will be seen by you when you spend your day so occupied with yourself that you forget to look at his social media or worry about what he’s doing.

Your best self will come out when you accept that you are courageous and able to continue on despite all circumstance.

In your worst heartache you will learn how to condition your mind, you will learn how to replace the thoughts that cause your existence pain with the thoughts that enlighten your being. In your worst heartache you will discover all of the parts of you that bring light into this world.

In your worst heartache you will learn how to empower yourself. You’ll learn everything it is that you need in order to thrive and you’ll learn that it is inside of you. You’ll learn that happiness is embodied into your core despite every single horrible event you have to go through.

In your worst heartache you’ll realize what’s important. You’ll realize you are worthy of laughter. You’ll realize how to be at peace with yourself and how to share that peace with others.

In your worst heartache you will find the balance of becoming and creating your best self, and for the first time in your life you will authentically feel just how beautiful it is to survive. TC mark

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