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7 Ways To Be A Better Friend To Your Partner

1. Ask them more questions about their past.

Even if you think you know everything, assume you don’t. Assume there is territory you have yet to become familiar with. They might tell you the same stories over and over, but they might add different details when telling it that you didn’t know before.

2. Take responsibility for your part.

You have to be willing to acknowledge where you’re falling short or how you’re not showing up like you could be. Even if you think your relationship is only the way it is because of your partner, find something that you can take responsibility for and work on also. Power is working together towards the same purpose, even if it’s in different ways.

3. Check in with them about their day—daily.

We get into a routine where we know the basics of our significant other’s day and we don’t ask for the minor details like we once were so eager to do. Assume that there is always something your partner wants to share with you about their day—even if there isn’t.

4. Find new ways to share yourself.

Find new ways to open yourself up. Maybe that’s trying something more catered to their love language than your own, maybe it’s sharing yourself physically in a new way, or even emotionally. When you’re able to share new experiences and milestones your relationship opens up to new levels.

5. Know the difference between spending time together and spending quality time together.

There is such a thing as too much time together and not enough quality time together. Being comfortable with our partner so that we can do nothing all day with them is important, but it’s also necessary to stimulate that connection from time to time so things don’t feel stagnant or repetitive. Quality time can make us feel valued, heard, and seen in ways that sometimes normal time doesn’t fully.

6. Recognize your role.

Your role may depend on the partnership, but there are all things healthy partnerships have in common. Your job is to support your person, to listen, to offer forgiveness and grace, and to ultimately be their best friend. You have to remember that you are their best friend.

7. Be on the same dream team.

Make sure you guys crave the same things for your future. Be visionaries. Find things to think about together that add momentum to your guys future. Get excited together!

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