Everything That Is Testing You Right Now Is Trying To Teach You Something

We all go through phases where it feels like absolutely everything that could go wrong does. Those times where everything that could go smoothly feels as rough as it possibly could be. It can start in our workplace and then slowly move into our relationships, only then working its way into deteriorating every other possible thing that’s not tainted in our life yet—it’s a flood where even the highest of grounds are touched.

It took me a long time to realize that everything that tests me is meant to teach me. It took me an even longer time to realize that every single thing I am supposed to learn is monumental compared to the tests themselves.

You see, the tests are just hard. They are messy. They are naturally stressful. The things you are being taught, though? That’s where you learn your peace and how to find it. That’s  how you find your happiness and how to feel it despite any other circumstance going on. 

The tests aren’t meant for you to sit there staring at a question you don’t know the answer to for hours upon hours or days upon days until you’re crying and want to quit. The tests are just meant to show you exactly what you need to be taught in order to live your best life. The tests are just meant to introduce you to what you must know in order to feel confident enough to pass future, even harder tests. Everything testing you is just trying to teach you your tools that you need to survive and feel fine doing it.

Do not let the things testing you hold you hostage, keep you from moving, stress you out so much that you miss the entire point of what it’s trying to teach you, or be the reason you aren’t being kind and easy on yourself.

Be still while you wait for the answers to come to you. Make it your mission to harbor your peace and happiness in the midst of being unsure, challenged, and even a little hopeless. There is something greater than what’s testing you that you need to know.

Right now you are simply being given all that you need in order to travel safely to a place that feels so good to be. Everything that is testing you is merely just a stepping stone part of the path that will lead you to the place that is truly meant for you. 

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