Date Someone Who Values You Like This

No one deserves to be in a relationship where they question their own worth, how much their partner values them, or where they stand and how much they are loved there. Love and insecurity cannot coexist with each other in the same realm and equate to a successful relationship, nor one that even feels good to be in. This is my reminder to you. This is your reminder that you deserve to be with someone who truly values you.

Date someone who adores you so much that you can physically feel all of the wellness they wish for you, even when you’re upset with them. Date someone who values you so much that they know every single trial and triumph you have overcome and knows exactly how to hold you because of it. Date someone who puts your car keys in the same place for you every night before bed because they know you always lose and look for them in the morning. Date someone who knows your sensitivities and who changes the language in which they speak to you because of your soft parts. Date someone who remembers the little things but is human enough to make it right and acknowledge when some of those things are forgotten. Be with someone who wouldn’t dare speaking to you in a tone that they wouldn’t want their own daughters speaking to herself in. Date someone who checks in on your friends because they care about them, who knows your schedule so they know when your busy days are, and someone who knows your love language so they know how to love you harder on those days. Date someone who actually puts effort into dating you, someone who gives you their absolute best all of the time in hopes of all of you in return—even the less flattering parts. Be with someone who has the intent to love you and love you better every moment of every day. We need to have people in our lives that value us, but more than anything, we need people in our lives that we feel valued by. 

These people exist. A love that makes you feel valued and adored is already yours—you just need to demand nothing less. You have to pretend that nothing less even exists, entertain nothing that makes you feel anything less than your best. Date someone that values you—but in the meantime, get familiar with valuing yourself.

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