This Is Your Reminder That Everything Will Get Better

This Is Your Reminder That Everything Will Get Better

It’s no secret that the last few months of 2018 have really shook a lot of people. There has been an insane amount of natural disasters, death, and mourning for so many communities and so many individuals. As the great band Mumford and Sons says, “You must know life to see decay”. You must know struggle to see hope, and you must know great sorrow to see great joy.

This is your reminder that everything will get better. This is your reminder to remind yourself that every last detail of your reality right this moment is only temporary. Every inch of doubt, worry, uncertainty, grief, and tribulation that you are being faced with will soon pass. Everything always passes.

This is your reminder to sit with yourself, to become familiar with your space and your emotions so that you can acknowledge them and then give them permission to pass. The sooner you let lingering emotions pass, the sooner you can move onto better days.

When we are presented with situations and circumstances that disrupt our peace we are given no other choice than to create it for ourselves once more.

This is your reminder that everything will be okay. As each day progresses things will become more clear, life will seem more sustaining. Things will become more settled, discomfort will soon dissipate.

You will replace pain with gratitude.

You will rise the very moment you feel depleted.

You will learn to define the moments that once defined you.

You will feel empowered where you once felt hopeless.

You will open doors where you once saw nothing.

Pain doesn’t last. Scarcity doesn’t last. Fear doesn’t last. What lasts is the life that you spin for yourself when you find you are buried in webs.

This is your reminder to keep moving, to keep creating, and to keep having hope in better days. I promise they are almost here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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