Date Someone Who Never Stops Choosing You

Date Someone Who Never Stops Choosing You

Date someone that never stops choosing you.

Date someone who never gets bored with learning the map of your body and the love language of your mind. Date someone who finds a way to make loving you look like pure bliss.

Date someone who gets excited by the thought of you, someone who daydreams of your life together and gets goosebumps on their forearm.

Date someone that never stops choosing you.

Date someone that never makes you feel like they are giving up on you, someone who reassures you of your value when you need it the most and on the days that you feel like you’re falling short.

Date someone who you never have to question what you mean to them, someone who finds it in their inner strength to always make their love for you known – even when they are exhausted themselves.

Date someone who reminds you of your importance, who preaches your own worthiness back to you for the sake of wanting to lift you up.

Date someone who chooses you, over and over and again and again.

The reality is is that when someone chooses us, they are making a commitment to love us. When someone chooses us, they are making their priorities known. When someone chooses us they are silently telling us, “I am here. I am not going anywhere. You are safe. There is nothing we cannot beat so long as we keep choosing each other”. To be chosen is to be committed to, it’s a simple and beautiful promise to hold hands even when life seems wavering and unbearable.

Date someone who chooses you and never stops choosing you. You deserve to feel valued. You deserve to feel loved. You deserve to feel safe. You deserve commitment. You deserve to be chosen by someone who actually longs to choose you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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