10 Signs You’re Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be (Even If You Feel A Little Lost)

20 Uncomfortable Signs It’s Time To Cut The Bullshit And Grow The Hell Up

1. You’d rather avoid situations than confront them head-on.

2. You spend more time on social media idolizing the lives of people you don’t even know rather than actually living yours.

3. You’re passive aggressive AF because you don’t know how to communicate and use your words.

4. You victimize and feel sorry for yourself in every situation that life gives to you, even when it’s your own actions that caused the turmoil.

5. You go back to old relationships that you know aren’t good for you just because of your own scarcity and insecurity.

6. You respond to every little thing that bothers you, even if it’s a social media comment from a stranger.

7. You think that the quality of your mental health is dependent on other people instead of taking responsibility for it yourself.

8. You don’t know how to be humble and admit when you mess up.

9. You perceive apologizing as a weakness rather than a strength.

10. You don’t know how to manage your emotions.

11. You still give people the silent treatment.

12. You spend more time focusing on getting good angles and your edits than actually being present and living in the moment.

13. You hang out with friends you don’t even connect with because you are afraid to be alone.

14. You get upset when people don’t respond the way you want them to, even though you don’t have control over it.

15. You’d rather talk about other people than cool things and ideas.

16. You still play games and aren’t straightforward with your intentions.

17. You hold onto things and hold grudges.

18.  You still make your decisions based on what your parents will approve of.

19. You’re still not registered to vote.

20. You compromise your own needs for other people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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