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I Am Offically Retiring From ‘People Pleasing’

Everyone I talk to about ‘people pleasing’ knows this phrase all too well. It’s true, we are a society full of ‘people-pleasers’. What we wear, how we speak, what we share about our lives, absolutely every decision we make is influenced by our desire to not be judged, and also to gain acceptance by others.

Well, this is my resignation letter.

I quit.

How different would we live our lives if we didn’t constantly feel the pressure to conform to the status quo? What different humans would we evolve to be if we could actually just be who we are and navigate who we are supposed to be?

Let’s stop giving other people power over our lives.

Let’s give ourselves permission to take up space.

Let’s stop saying yes to things we hate.

Let’s stop reaching out to people who we don’t even feel good to be around.

Let’s stop shrinking ourselves and making ourselves smaller on behalf of someone else’s comfort level.

Let’s stop letting people cross our boundaries.

Let’s stop being silent just because we fear making any type of noise.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired living my life with the pressure to constantly.


Let’s think our own thoughts.

Let’s say no, more.

Let’s say yes more often, to the things that actually make us happy.

Let’s only be around people who empower us. Let’s not feel guilty for cutting the toxic people out.

Let’s wear what we want.

Let’s speak our truth regardless of who is listening.

We were not made to blend in, to dismiss ourselves. We were not made for someone else to use, we are no one’s tool but our own. We have the power of our lives. We have the obligation to become who we were meant to become. We have to start claiming our power, we have to start defending it.

Let’s stop pleasing others, and start pleasing ourselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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