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30 Life-Changing Things I Learned From 30 Days Without Social Media

I took 30 days and went without all social media. No Snap, Insta, FB, or anything for 30 days. Here are 30 important things I learned about life, friendship, growth, and myself:

1. Life is so precious. It’s fragile. It’s important to recognize what’s important and what isn’t.

2. It’s important to be grateful for the time you have with people.

3. It’s not important if other people like you, it’s important if you like you.

4. People who aren’t meant to be in your life usually remove themselves all by their self.

5. You know you have grown, matured, and committed to loving yourself when others success and happiness makes you genuinely happy for them, rather than envious.

6. You will rarely, if ever, change someone’s mind about debatable things on social media. Important things should be talked about in person.

7. You have to question everything you’ve been taught, even by your parents. Your Truth is up to you, it requires your curiosity and it requires you to really figure things out for yourself.

8. It’s important sit with yourself.

9. It’s important to make peace with your inside foundation.

10. The purest form of freedom you have is your ability to fully be you.

11. In order to have tolerance you have to value differences. You have to understand that diversity doesn’t exactly have to mean disconnect.

12. You owe it to yourself to form your own Truth.

13. Being present makes time go by a lot slower.

14. Tell the people you love you love them while you can.

15. There’s nothing wrong with creating boundaries with family, even if that means cutting them out of your life completely.

16. Just because your friends don’t reach out to you everyday doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

17. Learning how to emotionally regulate yourself will prevent a lot of unnecessary drama in your life.

18. You are allowed to change and evolve and become new as many times as you need.

19. Just because other people think a certain way doesn’t mean it’s correct or that you have to think that way also.

20. Be cautious of where you put your energy.

21. Listen more than you speak.

22. Nourish your body, thank it for working. Health should never be taken for granted.

23. There is peace in not responding to certain things.

24. There’s no use in trying to control outcomes or things out of your control, make friends with acceptance.

25. Know that your best changes from day to day.

26. Love more than you complain.

27. Find a way to be comfortable in your own skin.

28. Do things that scare you.

29. Form a better understanding of the world and use that to motivate, inspire, and offer peace to you.

30. Pray often, no matter what your religion is. Call it a moment of gratitude, whatever you need to do, get in the habit of speaking good things. TC mark

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