This Is The One Thing You Need To Live The Happiest Life Possible, According To Psychology

This Is The One Thing You Need To Live The Happiest Life Possible, According To Psychology

I watched a TedTalk the other day about the happiness study a group of experts did over the course of the last 100 years amongst a diverse group of people, only to find one commonality in correlation to their happiness level. The happiest people out of the entire group weren’t the ones that were the most wealthy, who had the best jobs, or who lived in the prettiest areas. The happiest people were the ones that had a life filled with healthy and quality relationships. That’s all.

The better quality of relationship(s) the person had, the better quality of life they did as well. 

Our social network is the most crucial thing in our world. How we engage with others, what we tolerate, and what we demand, is exactly what sets us up for either misery or joy – we get to decide. 

If we seek connection out of the spaces in ourselves that feel insecure, unworthy, and toxic, that is exactly the type of people we will attract.

If we seek connection from a place that craves enriching conversations, growth, and wholeheartedness, that will be exactly the type of people we befriend and welcome into our space.

As humans, we are wired to connect. Love IS a universal language, it’s one of the only thing that can literally relate us to any other person. Relationships are the one single thing that binds the human race together. We are here to have relationships, we always have been.

With that being said, having relationships that feel good will enable us to create a life that feels even better.

Having relationships that empower us, will lead us to an empowering life.

Having relationships that offer us support and joy, will position us to exactly have that type of life.

It’s so important to choose relationships with our inner wisdom and our utmost best judgment.

We create the life we live by the relationships that we choose. Choose wisely.  TC mark

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