Here’s How You Deal With A Breakup, Based On Your Love Language

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Acts Of Service

You get busy. This is the time in your life where you fill yourself up by not only doing things for yourself, but for the ones that still remain in your life. You’ll probably find yourself changing your diet, getting a gym membership, redoing your apartment, or maybe going a little retail therapy crazy. This is also the time you might find yourself volunteering, or maybe you even adopt a pet.

Words Of Affirmation

This is the time of your life where investing in a journal is a MUST. You’ll probably spend hours and hours at the bookstore because you’ll find that reading words makes you feel like you’re healing. Books and writing our own thoughts encourage us to grow in a way that nothing can compare to. This is also a time where therapy might be extremely helpful, there’s nothing like getting guidance and a good listener from someone who is specifically trained to handle times like these. Write your sorrows away, leave yourself love notes on your bathroom mirror, and read everything that makes you feel better.


Let’s be honest, you are more than likely to apply for 2-5 more credit cards. This is the time where you’ll take the loss you feel and you’ll spoil yourself. This is the space where your closet will scream, “New wardrobe, new me”. You may find yourself also purchasing gifts for your friends, especially because you’ll inevitably be seeking connection during this time.

Physical Touch

Two words. Cuddle. Puddle.

Call all of your friends, they got you.

During this time you’ll find that connecting through your love language is crucial to feel all the ways of healing. This is the time where you’ll welcome all hugs, prefer your friends share their bed with you at night, and maybe even get a cat so you don’t have to sleep alone.

Quality Time

This is the time in your life where you will have the best relationship with all of your circle. You’ll find yourself going to breakfast with people, going on hikes, picnics, taking that class you’ve always wanted to take with your friends, and even going out with the girls almost every night for a while. This time in your life you will be connecting with a lot of relationships you’ve been neglecting, and you’ll find yourself reaching out to people who want to do similar things to you. Nothing says hello singlehood like some great memories being made with great friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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