9 Questions Every Grey’s Anatomy Fan Has Asked Themselves At Least Once


1. If I had the choice, would I choose McDreamy or McSteamy?

Seriously the hardest question known to man regarding television. Do we go for the sexy but not so safe doctor, or the educated lover? Yikes.

2. Why is Meredith being such a b**** right now?

Meredith has so many moments it is so hard to keep up. She will be the all time favorite and then the next episode she will be demeaning everybody and no one will have any idea why she is being so hostile.

3. How is the show going to recover from this? Should I keep watching?

DO THEY HAVE TO KILL OFF EVERY SINGLE FAVORITE CHARACTER? I remember asking myself this during season one and two, George O’Malley, Izzy, Derek, Mark, Lexie, whose next and how can the show bounce back from all these losses?

4. Where do I find my Christina and my Alex Karev?

Talk about friendship goals. Where can I find a guy who lets me climb in his bed at night and kick his girlfriend out just so I can vent? And where do I find a girl who is as twisted, yet as like-minded as me?

5. What did Meredith just say? Pause it, I need to write that quote down.

THE QUOTES. Every fan has at least has gotten goose bumps once listening to every damn intro and ending.

6. How do the writers know so much medical terminology?

It is insane how accurate and surreal every medical condition is. Bravo to the writers for knowing what they are talking about.

7. Can Richard Webber be my dad?

Maybe you only think this if you have daddy issues, but I truly think this is a universally applicable question- where do we find a dad like Webber?

8. How much would I have to pay Dr. Bailey to hug me?

We all know that the Nazi is actually a teddy bear, so when do we get to snuggle her and at what cost?

9. Does this much healing really exist?

The entire cast displays massive amounts of resilience; it truly is refreshing. Questionable, but refreshing. They have all gone through so much socially, educationally, environmentally, traumatically…can healing like this happen for everyone? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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