17 Signs You Are SERIOUSLY Mentally Attracted To Someone

Drew Hays
Drew Hays

1. You get goose bumps on your thighs when they use big words.

2. When they talk about politics and their stance on equality, you think about sex.

3. You’d rather listen to them speak than try to be intimate with them.

4. You can’t help but smile when they speak.

5. You can’t decide if it’s your stomach, soul, or brain that has butterflies.

6. Your relationship isn’t based on anything sexual whatsoever.

7. You think they are truly smarter than you. (And you kind of like that.)

8. You talk about their ideas to people who don’t even know them.

9. You get so excited when they bring up concepts that are foreign to you, and you ask them to explain it very vividly until you are educated as well.

10. When you see things that stimulate your mind, you share it with them.

11. You get turned on even when they talk about f***ed up things like the military and abortion.

12. You’re hesitant to kiss them because you REALLY don’t want to ruin the intellectual relationship you have.

13. You will kiss them anyways, who are we kidding?

14. When you kiss them it will be mid sentence and you won’t be able to control it, it’ll just happen.

15. When you think about your future together you don’t see kids and white picket fences, you see campaigns and a classroom.

16. You really wouldn’t mind them talking about socioeconomic issues during foreplay.

17. You compare their intelligence to every other person you’ve been with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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