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How To Heal Your Aching Heart, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


There’s no denying that Virgos pay attention to detail. Virgos are the reflectors; they pay close attention to every word, feeling, and action. They explore the depths of their humanity meaning; they analyze their pain and desire to give every microscopic discovery the attention they feel it deserves. However, just because Virgos might perseverate does not mean they are not resilient. They explore healing to the same extent they explore destruction.


Leo’s are some of the most passionate lovers. They love to be loved and they seek to love in return. Leo’s are loyal, which makes it excruciating for them when something leaves. Leo’s are determined; they put great effort into making things work. Leo’s are stubborn so when things do not work it’s easy for them to get discouraged. Leo’s are driven by love and passion. Meaning, that is also how they cope and find excitement in the new.


Aries are the epitome of fire. They jump into relationships with heating passion and a craving that never burns out. Aries are heavy and hot in love, but they also have those same qualities in their solitude. Aries can jump in things just as abundantly as they can leave the things that cannot keep up with them. Aries are active, almost unattainable unless you really great at keeping up them engaged. Aries are strong and independent; they actively pursue all that may benefit them-, which is why, and how they know exactly how to heal.


Gemini’s are powerful. What makes a Gemini so powerful is the way they understand how much power they truly have. Gemini’s are lively; sometimes they think with their mind and act upon their thoughts more than their heart. Gemini’s are the communicators, they know what they want, and they express it in all of the ways they know how. Don’t get me wrong, Gemini’s can be sensitive to the point that they want to bury their feelings rather than look weak. But, the nature of a Gemini is very quick witted, they are one step ahead even when they have no idea where they are in the first place. That’s how Gemini’s get out of their pain when it comes to loss, they keep moving and hold the power of their mind for the world to see at all times.


People who fall under the sign of Aquarius are internally soft. They make the world a better place with the simplicity of their soft and gentle interactions with everything in the world, especially when they are at their best. However, they are progressive. They are busy devoting themselves to tasks of all sorts. Sometimes the way they present their minds flourishing ideas can be interpreted as unpredictable and even cold. Now because Aquarius’s are progressive, that is what gets them out of havoc and pain. They know how to keep busy, and they know how to keep moving at the speed they need to until they are where they need to be.


Libra’s represent love and harmony even in the most distraught circumstances. They are romantic, loyal, and naturally desire to be at peace with themselves and those around them. The Libra’s idealistic disposition usually comes from their past endeavors. Libra’s know all about pain and all of the forms it comes in, which makes them great people to talk to. They know how to offer empathy. Libra’s are founded on balance, which is how they desire to deal with loss. There is no fixed way to address their distress, and they know that quite well. Libra’s know how to heal, and they know that the first step is to just be.


Taurus’s are naturally diverse creatures that can’t seem to hold judgment in their soul because they simply know it’s not good for them. Taurus’s live life every single day inexorably feeling the positivity around them, they seek it too. When a Taurus is going through loss or heartbreak they tend to do that exact thing, they seek beauty in the most heart-wrenching moments- simply because they know it exists there.


Sagittarius’s are travelers. They seek everything out in this life that interests them and they know where to look for the answers to their own questions. Sagittarius’s are not heartless, although sometimes they seem a bit detached at times. They are so fulfilled; content, and busy in search of all they want to know, and all of the questions they have yet to ask that that is in fact where their healing lies. They set out on a mission, they fight for clarity and they continue on their journey despite everything they find.


Cancers are deeply intuitive. They find every thing the human condition offers a form of art. They are very attached to everything surrounding them so they are greatly aware of what devastation feels like. Cancers can be emotional, quick to address their feelings, so they need to take time to process things. Working through their emotion is where Cancers will find their healing as well as their unconditional ability to love again.


Pisces are very colorful people. Pisces are extremely selfless and always seem to put others on top. Pisces are dedicated to the well being of others, though they are still capable and very good at extrapolating their own emotions as well. Pisces are very artistic and they seek that in others. When Pisces undergo loss with the intent to heal, they continue to do what they do best and extrapolate their own humanity and turn it into a masterpiece.


Capricorns are very ambitious and very determined, the most determined of all the Zodiac signs. Capricorns are extremely independent, but also very helpful to others. Sometimes it’s difficult to let people in for Capricorns, they seek control, but they know and pride themselves on how good vulnerability feels nonetheless. Capricorns can be guarded, but when they let their guard down they go in. Capricorns use their practical nature to work through their loss and pain in a way that still leaves them knowing the importance of it.


Scorpios are very in-tune with the universe, so in-tune that sometimes people don’t understand them. Scorpios are fiercely independent but do not mind close connection with few. Scorpios are observant, and very loyal to the people they let in. Scorpios are masters at manifesting in their emotion, they look into it with depth yet still are able to perceive them very simply. Anger or any intense emotion gets in the way of the healing of Scorpios. They are quick to think and act upon their feelings. Healing for Scorpios is the vulnerability they navigate through in order to let go of everything that does not serve them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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