15 Things That Happen When You Are ‘Too Mature’ For Your Age

Helga Weber
Helga Weber

1. You find that you circulate more towards the adults in the room.

2. People your age intimidate you because you have a difficult time resonating with them.

3. Your mom is most likely your best friend.

4. You see a vision no one else can see; your desire for more exceeds all small talk.

5. You have mastered being alone and know that happiness doesn’t come from being around people all of the time.

6. You have real thoughts about real things.

7. You didn’t fit in with the “popular” crowd in high school because you don’t find small and like-minded groups pleasing to your mind.

8. It gives you excitement to declare your future endeavors; you’ve always sort of known “what you want to be when you grow up.”

9. You know how to reflect on every emotional and logical feeling and situation you go through.

10. You lack connection in your life and you even long for it, and then when you see the people your age in person and hear what they talk about, you become humbly reminded why it’s healthier for you to be alone and continue to look for company.

11. You have a job at a young age, and you get promotions relatively quickly. Your growth is so prevalent you naturally rank up in the world with everything you do.

12. Your college professors become your confidants.

13. You get told, “You are so mature for your age” or “I feel like I’m talking to someone my own age” when speaking with people older than you.

14. From your hair dresser to your therapist, everyone older than you shares way too much information because they seem to forget how much younger than them you are, but you don’t mind one bit.

15. You empathize with people in a new light. You have a better understanding of why things happen and you are instilled with an automatic intuition that allows you to be an empath at an extremely young age. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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