The Importance Of Change

Change is perhaps the most avoided part in our humanity. Regardless of our place in life, we are taught to fear it, and naturally we slowly acquire a distaste for it. It leaves us in despair, the times we will forever know as the most devastating moments of our world.

When we reflect on our experience with change, our bodies tend to remember our most excruciating moments with it first. Change is the only variable that leads us to the dull places that give us heartache and loss, and that’s how we recognize its place in this world.

But we can selectively chose change no more than we can selectively chose the inevitably bad days from the good ones.

What would happen if we acknowledged change for all of its roles, not just the ones that painfully impact us?

Change may be the only variable that results in our dull places, but it just so happens to be the only variable that brings us to our most effervescent state of being.

Without change, growth isn’t possible.

In order to go where we want to, where we need to, the journey of change is what we rely on to get us there.

To be okay with the movement that’s bound to take place, we must know it’s necessary. Being okay with movement is knowing that unexplainable things happen in this lifetime, but we are worthy of feeling the happiness from the sunrise as well as the sunset. We are worthy of adapting to the unexplainable, and finding something beautiful within our new surrounding reality. Being comfortable in movement is being patient with ourselves, and knowing we are the epitome of survival. It’s accepting that in order to grow, change must be embraced as a path required to walk upon.

This thing that takes our life from positive to negative is so pertinent because it’s also what takes our life from negative to positive.

This variable we know as change cannot be feared, because it is the thing that takes us to freedom. It takes us to the place where blossoms bloom out of our own souls dark places.

When we accept change as just another being in our humanity, we love harder because we know that losing is just part of this life, we speak kinder because we know words are just feelings on a timeline, and we breathe better because we know the difference of living and standing still.

The only thing we can do is try our best to be in this moment right now, to appreciate our trials even when we don’t know why we are suffering, to gently love what is right in front of us, and to be willingly vulnerable to the fact that we are merely atoms in the wind.

May our paths never be monotone, yet we still find peace in the noise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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