Here’s Why We Must Be Single Before Jumping Into A Serious Relationship


We have entered a new era where individualism is a new art form. We are rebelling against all things submissive, and committing to ourselves before we dare to commit to another. This is a magical thing because we are finding out that the more we invest in the evolution of our own beings, the more successful we are in every single thing we do- including relationships.

We are sculpting solitude into the ultimate masterpiece that is paving the way and introducing new ideas, especially to the generations below us.

This idea that we manifest best on our own is essentially the savior to our souls. Now, because we know we do not have to rely on someone else to give us joy, we know we don’t have to rely on someone to heal us either.

When we are alone, we learn how to be alone. The most productive moments of mending ourselves is done in the company of our own existence.

Taking time to be alone before entering the world of loyalty and commitment to another is so important, because that is when we practice and prepare ourselves how to do it in a healthy way.

Being single holds a dear place in my heart because it is where we discover everything about ourselves that we can’t when we are in a relationship. We naturally have this ability to access parts of ourselves that we only can when we are giving ourselves undivided attention.

Only in the moments we are naked in our skin will we know the importance of loving every inch of our body.

When we are alone we subconsciously practice how to feel, how to address our inner depth, and how to gain a confidence that no one can take from us. When we are alone we practice how to heal ourselves, and that is when we are able to offer ourselves the words we need to hear. When we are by ourselves we are forced to form our own opinions, and to know what we are both interested and disinterested in. When we are frolicking in the land of being on our own, that is when we learn how to be at our best. It’s where we develop skills, where we take time to understand what is going on around us, and where we learn about loss and hope all at the same time.

Being alive in solitude is where we learn how to love, how to breathe, how to desire, and how to evolve.

Celebrate your solitude. Go on dates with yourself. Take a whacky class. Learn some new words. Travel to a new destination. Fall in love with the little moments. Accumulate all you need to know about your humanity until you’ve learned how to be with yourself.

Only when we have mastered being alone will we be capable of being with another person the way we are supposed to be, and only when we master how to love ourselves will we be ready to master how to love someone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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