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How Confronting My Fears Head On Finally Brought Me Peace

When I was 20, a burglar broke into my home while I was there alone, house-sitting for my parents. I was diagnosed with PTSD from the experience and the slightest noises at night would bring about a panic attack. Only now, over six years later, am I able to get a full night’s sleep.

How Love Will Always Outshine Hate

Remember that the most important attribute for longevity in a relationship is patience and that a measure of a good relationship is not just how well you get along, but how well you can resolve your differences.

What True Friendship Really Looks Like

True friends come together and bond over common interests, shared history, common value-systems, and honorable relational equality. And, when times are tough, they won’t limit your interactions to guac, margaritas, and superficial conversations.

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