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50 Things You Can Do Without Worrying When You Don’t Have A Boyfriend

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1. Forget deodorant in the morning.

2. Eat Taco Bell in your bed at midnight without pants.

3. Shut the world out for 6 hours to dedicate to Netflix documentaries.

4. Own a flannel sweatsuit.

5. Apply lip-gloss generously.

6. Spend an entire weekend rereading Anna Karenina for the eighth time.

7. Not care about morning breath until you’re actually out of bed.

8. Wear wool socks with gym shoes.

9. Wear wool socks with sandals.

10. Wear wool socks.

11. Take the pill a little later if you absolutely must.

12. Hide your hair under a Red Sox hat when dry shampoo stops working.

13. Eat an entire bag of potato chips in an hour.

14. Buy super bold makeup shades. You’ll wear that magenta lipstick exactly once, but it’s worth it.

15. Buy super high-heeled shoes without calculating how tall you’ll be in them.

16. Accept a drink from a nice guy at a bar (whether you’re attracted to him or simply because it’s free.)

17. Make chocolate milkshakes at 2 a.m. without worrying about waking someone up with the blender.

18. See how long your leg hair really is.

19. Sleep starfish style.

20. Girls’ night. Every weekend.

21. Make a Pinterest board dedicated entirely to pasta.

22. Turn your phone off for a day.

23. Pick up and leave for a little.

24. Have a self-tanner mishap.

25. Dye your hair turquoise.

26. Ugly cry during Up.

27. Pair jeans with gym shoes.

28. Explore the world of scented candles in great depth.

29. Make fantastically adventurous after-college plans.

30. Subscribe to more than five science magazines.

31. Have frozen blueberry waffles in your freezer.

32. Ask for breathing room.

33. Ask for silence.

34. Tweet incessantly at John Newman.

35. Have sleepovers.

36. Post double chin pictures of you and your friends on social media.

37. Swing dance with a stranger.

38. Wear tie-dye for a week straight.

39. Stay at your favorite wing at the art museum for as long as you want.

40. Become deeply acquainted with buffalo sauce.

41. Put buffalo sauce on everything.

42. Put off laundry for one more day.

43. Make the weird face you don’t even know you make half the time.

44. Paint your nails black because it feels right.

45. Spray your bed with too much lavender spray.

46. Flirt with your barista.

47. Drink a beer with your guy friends.

48. Self-seek.

49. Get a facial that may or may not make your face look like the surface of Mars for a couple days (but then Cupid’s butt shortly thereafter).

50. Order the garlic bread. TC mark

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