The Love To Wait For In 2018

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The love you need to wait for is not something that will be fleeting. It isn’t going to be the kind of love that leaves you shattered or broken. No, the type of love you need to wait for is kind, it’s trustworthy, it’s always blooming, and it is never cruel.

The love you need to have patience for in 2018, is not something that will come to you in an instant. You need to wait for this type of love. The type of love that is rare and magical and overpowering. The type of love that will remind you that you are wonderful and should be cherished for as long as you live.

In 2018, don’t settle. Don’t settle for a one night stand. Don’t settle for a half hearted kiss that leaves you feeling like you got punched in the stomach. Don’t let your gut instincts fly out the door. Don’t let yourself down. And most importantly, don’t let your heart down.

In 2018, you need to be calm and know that love will come your way when it is meant to. In 2018, you need to understand that this kind of love is rare, but it will happen. And it will knock on your door when it’s with the right person.

So wait. Be patient. Breathe.

This kind of love will be nothing you have ever experienced before. It is greater than your first love. It will be greater than any friendship you ever had. It will be so much more than just intertwining yourself with another boy.

The love you need to wait for is the kind that turns two souls into one. It’s the kind of love that is so powerful, it could shame the sun. It’s the kind of love that helps you understand yourself more. It’s the kind of love that makes you love yourself even more. It’s the kind of love that will convince you that you are worthy of it. It will be the kind of love that will finally help you realize that you deserve this. That you deserve this beautiful, blooming, and radiant love.

Hold on. Hold out for this person. Don’t seek attention. Seek understanding. Don’t seek a body. Seek a kind heart. Don’t seek maybes. Seek always.

It will come to you on a day where you least expect it. Perhaps it will happen in a coffee shop that you been to thousands of times. He or she will smile at you and all at once you will feel understood. Perhaps it will happen in dark and crowded bar. You’ll see this person and you won’t feel so alone. Or maybe this person is already in your life. And maybe just the touch of their hand, will suddenly make you realize that this is it. This is it.

Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope inside of your heart and your entire being. Don’t let yourself be discouraged. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t compare and contrast yourself to other people who are settling down.

It happened to them. So it will happen to you. As long as you never settle. As long as you hold out for the one who makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room when you’re with them.

Breathe. Smile. Close your eyes. Breathe again. It will begin once your heart is ready. You’ll see them soon enough. You’ll meet them soon enough. Don’t you ever forget that. Don’t you ever lose that belief.

Love will come to see you. And this love will stay. As long as you understand that you are worthy of this love. As long as you realize that yes, this kind of love will open up your heart and will be planted deep inside your wounds from the past. It will heal you. Some day. One day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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