30 Signs He’s An Absolute Keeper

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Priscilla Du Preez

1. He doesn’t immediately turn your conversations into anything sexual.

2. He looks into your eyes when he talks to you.

3. He asks you more questions about yourself and your family than about previous relationships.

4. When you do mention your ex, he doesn’t turn cold.

5. When you tell him you’re sick, he shows up at your place with soup and cough drops.

6. On your first date he will ask to kiss you before assuming you want to kiss him.

7. When you’re around him, you feel completely safe.

8. He lets you know upfront what his values are.

9. He respects your need for space.

10. He calls you randomly.

11. He remembers tiny details about what you told him on your first date.

12. He tries really hard to impress your friends.

13. He is honest and genuine with your family.

14. He doesn’t freak out over imperfections.

15. He’s vulnerable with you.

16. He isn’t afraid of commitment.

17. He doesn’t shy away from you when you ask him what he thinks of you.

18. He isn’t afraid to cry in front of you.

19. When you’re with his friends, he doesn’t leave your side.

20. He actually gets along with your loved ones.

21. He isn’t afraid to tell you how he feels about you.

22. He loves to show his affection towards you in public.

23. He adores your flaws.

24. He does little things for you, even if they are out of his way just to see you smile.

25. He doesn’t boss you around or expect you to take care of him.

26. He puts up with your music and movie taste, even if he hates it.

27. He always has his arm around you, or his hand on your knee.

28.  He supports your dreams and encourages you to follow them.

29. He will do anything to make you laugh even if it makes him look like a fool.

30. He won’t just tell you that he likes or loves you. He will show it. And you’ll know it’s true. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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