Your Real Friends Are The Ones Who Will Tell You The Truth (Even When It Hurts)

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Your real friends won’t sugarcoat the truth. They won’t lie to you just to make you feel better. They are going to tell you the harsh reality of any situation you find yourself in. Because they know you better than you know yourself. 

Your real friends are going to tell you when you look like a hot mess. They will tell you when you’re making a huge mistake. And they are fully aware that this could ruin your day, but they are just looking out for you.

Your real friends are the ones who tell you what you don’t even know. They will notice the tiny little things that set you off. They will notice the people who bug you and the people who you are drawn to. They will notice if you act differently around a crush, or a boyfriend that isn’t treating you well.

Your real friends are the ones who don’t give a fuck about being nice or kind with you. Because your real friends are exactly that — real.

Your real friends won’t fake anything, regardless if it hurts your feelings. Why? Because they want you to live your best life. They want you to be happy. And sometimes we can’t tell when ourselves are falling apart.

Your real friends will be the ones to tell you when you have your lipstick on your teeth, but they will also be the ones to tell you that your boyfriend sucks.

If they see how someone is treating you, and you are blinded by love, they won’t pretend to like him. They won’t pretend it’s okay. They will let you know. They will tell you the truth that you sometimes really don’t want to hear.

But that’s what real friends are for. To pick you up when you fall apart. To lift your spirits when you have to breakup with your shitty boyfriend. To buy you kleenex and watch sad movies with you. To drink too much wine with you and have girls nights out.

Your real friends are never going to judge you. But they will let you know when you’re being stupid as hell.

That’s what real friends are for. To tell you what you already know in your gut, but are too scared to admit.

And when that happens, when you realize they are right and you need to be single, or change your job, or look for love, or to travel, they will be their by your side cheering you on.

They don’t do it out of spite. they don’t do it out of jealousy. They do it out of pure love for you. Because they don’t want you to see you crumble with past mistakes. And they don’t want you to settle with anything in life.

Your real friends are the ones who have the highest of standards for you. And that’s because they love you with their whole hearts. That’s because the friendship is so incredible. And real friends are honest, no matter how much the truth can hurt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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