I’d Rather Be Single Than To Ever Date Someone Like You

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Hayden Hunt

I’d rather be by myself right now, than to date someone like you. Because to date someone like you would be sabotaging my own heart. To date someone like you, would make me the fool.

You aren’t who you say you are. You aren’t sweet. You aren’t a gentleman. Because kind people don’t intentionally hurt others. And sweet people don’t ghost out another human being. And great people, don’t break you down so hard until you feel like you’re nothing.

I’d rather be on my own. Because at least when I’m with me, I know that I’m with someone I love. At least, when I’m with me, I know I’m with someone who will keep me safe.

I would rather be curled up with a nice book on a Friday night than to see your face again. Because your face reminds me of what you did. Your face reminds me of the memories. Your face reminds me of what I can never have.

I would rather be with my girlfriends, out celebrating life. Because I know they truly do love me, unlike how it was with you.

I would rather surround myself with people who adore me, than to ever go near your charming smile again. Because all that smile did was make me fall. And yet, you never cared. You never gave me an answer or a reason.

You just didn’t care about me.

I would rather be alone. Because being alone is better than being treated like trash. Being alone is better than being let down. Being alone is better than being with someone who talks and flirts and kisses other girls when you’re in the exact same room. And being alone is 100% better, than being with you.

I hope to God no one gets hurt again, like how you hurt me. I hope you don’t smile that smile and another girl falls for it. I hope you don’t say those same lines that you said to me, to another innocent person.

But I know you. I know what you’re capable of. I know that you don’t give a crap about who you hurt. You don’t care about people’s hearts, other than your own.

You’re an asshole for hurting people’s hearts and souls. And you never deserved my attention or my love.

So do me a favor and stop trying to act like you’re all innocent. Don’t act like you’re the greatest or hottest person in the world. Don’t act like you’re this great, amazing guy who can get any girl he wanted.

Because you didn’t. You never got me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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