Choose Me, Even Though There Are A Millions Reasons Not To

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Choose me. Even though there are a million reasons that are probably already made up in your mind telling you not to. Choose me. Even though I’m annoying as hell. Even though I’m probably difficult and maybe even a handful. Definitely more than a handful.

Choose me. Pick me. Want me. 

Because the thing is, I will be the best thing you could ever call yours. I will be the best thing you could ever imagine of having, of wanting, of needing. And despite my faults and my flaws, I love like I’ve never ever been broken by someone else.

I will love you so much, whenever you’re ready to walk into my life.

I’m not the best looking gal in the world. I’m certainly not the most carefree tool in the shed. I overthink everything. I don’t have abs or perfectly toned legs. I’m an anxious mess, I admit. I care too much. I love so hard.

But don’t people need more loving than anything else right now?

I have flaws I could probably write a book about. I make mistakes. Sometimes, I do things just for attention. I drink too much wine and drunk text people shit that I shouldn’t. I sleep in late. I procrastinate. I eat too much chocolate. I like to repeat the same song over and over again. And I talk way too much. 

But the thing is, I will love you with my whole beating heart.

I’m not the best at anything. But I can tell you, I’m damn near close to being the best at loving people.

I give so much of myself to others, just because I want to. I maybe give too much, but that’s how I’ve always been.

Love is scary. It’s probably one of the scariest thing a person will have to go through. Shit, dating is even hard at this point. Everything is hard right now. The world is a fucked up place. Who knows where we all will be tomorrow. Who knows if tomorrow even exists?

So I’m telling you now, that if tomorrow comes, and the next day, and the next day, I’ll be waiting. I’ll be hopeful. I’ll be patient. Waiting for someday. Waiting for the next time I fall in love.

So, to whoever you are, wherever you are out there, choose me.

Because while I’m a pain in the ass, while I will nag with you questions, while I will get lost driving anywhere, while I will spend too much time thinking instead of doing, while I will sing Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs on even if you hate her, I have the kindest heart. I have the warmest soul. I have the capacity inside of myself to make room for another person.

I’ll pick you up when you can’t do it on your own. I’ll stand by your side no matter what hurricane comes your way. I’ll make you laugh after a terrible day. I’ll be your best friend. I’ll be your person.

I’m ready.

So whoever you are, wherever you are, choose me. Pick me. Love me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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