30 Signs He Actually Likes You (And He’s Not A Total Fuckboy)

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1. This may seem simple enough, but if he actually initiates conversations, that’s a major plus.

2. He texts you after a date making sure you got home safe.

3. He doesn’t make a move on you unless it’s obvious you want it too.

4. He makes sure you’re comfortable when you’re around his friends.

5. He does a bit of PDA in front of his friends to show you off.

6. He says your first name a lot when conversing with you.

7. He asks you questions more than he talks about himself.

8. He always shifts his feet a bit and stutters when he’s around you.

9. He makes eye contact with you a lot and holds his gaze.

10. He is eager for you to meet his parents because he knows they will adore you.

11. He makes physical contact a lot but in small ways, like touching your hand or putting his arms around you.

12. Many times you catch him looking at you from across the room.

13. When he texts you, he’s always asking how you are and how your day has been.

14. He openly admits that he stalks your Facebook and Instagram pages.

15. He doesn’t use his phone when you’re with one another in person.

16. He makes fun of you and teases you, just to see you smile.

17. He puts up with your favorite music that he despises.

18. He doesn’t ignore you when you say you’re fine, or get quiet all of a sudden.

19. He remembers a tiny detail about you that you told him on your first date.

20. When he wakes you up in the morning, he tells you you’re beautiful (even though you look like a hot mess).

21. When you say something about your looks that he hate, he calls you crazy.

22. If he gives you a little gift just to remind you that he was thinking about you.

23. Before you have sex, he makes sure you’re comfortable and relaxed. He doesn’t rush anything.

24. It slips out of him that he talks to his friends about you.

25. After he hasn’t seen you for awhile, he says he missed you.

26. He sends you pictures of a bunny or some sort of animal to try to get you to laugh or smile.

27. He always sends you cute wink emoji faces just to make you blush.

28. He notices small details about you, like the tiny freckle on your left cheek.

29.He tells you about his family background and his values.

30. After your first kiss, he smiles like an idiot. But a cute idiot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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