If You Are Going To Waste My Time, Don’t Plan On Being A Part Of My Life

girl telling a boy not to waster her time
Cody Black

Please, don’t waste my time. Don’t play all the games you know how to play. Don’t roll the dice and expect me to stay. Don’t turn me into a fool. Just don’t.

I’ve been through enough. And I don’t need another person to walk into my life just to walk away as if nothing had happened. I don’t need another person to get a chunk of me, just to take it without saying goodbye.

I don’t need you to love me, if you don’t. I don’t need you to lie and say things you don’t mean, just to make me happy. I don’t need you to pay any attention to me, if all I am is a joke to you.

Don’t assume I’m dumb or naive. Don’t just assume I want you so desperately that I would do anything for you. Because I’ve played that game before. I’ve done exactly that, and it resulted in turmoil.

Don’t wink at me. Don’t smile at me. Do not communicate with me if you don’t have the capability inside your heart to let me in. Don’t fucking make me want you.

It’s too easy for me to fall. Too predictable. Too simple. Because my heart is wide open. It’s always open, for anybody that gives me a smudge of themselves. It’s too ready for something. So eager and so misunderstood.

And maybe that’s my fault. Maybe that’s my mistake. You could say I’m an idiot for believing in people I shouldn’t believe in. For hoping for the best. For replying to the text messages that will go unanswered.

But I can’t apologize for who I am. And that’s just who I am.

I’m an open book. And you won’t even let me read a chapter of yours.

So just stop. Stop making me believe in something that will never happen. Stop whispering in my ear. Stop the texts and the smiling and the mixed messages. I’m worth more than that. I’m worth more than you. I’m worth more than no replies. I’m worth more than someone who can’t even make time for me. I’m worth more than someone who just plays games. I’m worth more than a closed up heart.

One day I’ll meet someone who will let me unlock their heart. One day, I’ll meet someone who doesn’t want to play games. Who doesn’t want to trick me. One day, I’ll meet someone who won’t want to waste my time. Who wouldn’t dare. And one day I’ll meet someone special. Someone who realizes my magic. Someone who realizes my worth. Someone who will love me wholeheartedly.

One day, I’ll meet someone who won’t hesitate about wanting to spend the rest of their life with me.

And that won’t be you. It will never be you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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