Your Exes Ranked Best To Worst In Bed, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

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1. Sagittarius.

Ranking at number one, you probably miss your Sag ex more than anything. Not only are they curious and energetic, they are adventurous in bed. They were up to try out anything new with you, and it breaks your heart that you don’t have them anymore.

2. Leo.

Oh man, are Leos good in the sheets. Leos are known for being passionate, and you have yet to have a sexual experience that beats your Leo ex by a long shot. They were always humorous in bed too, teasing you to make you want them even more.

3. Libra.

Libras are natural born lovers, although they can be a bit clingy. It doesn’t really matter how clingy they are in relationships, because that means you got to spend more time with them getting it on.

4. Gemini.

Geminis are quite affectionate and lovely. The way they touched you was very gentle, which at first was incredible, but it go to the point where you grew a bit bored by them in bed. Don’t get me wrong, they were great most of the time, but you wanted a bit more spice and fire. In the end, they didn’t do it for you.

5. Aries.

Your Aries ex was confident and determined in pleasing you. They always sent chills down your spine with every touch, but unfortunately, they were impatient when it came to your performance on them. They always expected from you, and it ended up ruining your relationship.

6. Cancer.

Your Cancer ex had a great imagination and was usually down for anything you wanted. However, they lacked self esteem which totally ruined the moment for you. They always wanted to be showered with compliments constantly, in order for you to even see them naked.

7. Scorpio.

Scorpios were decent in bed. This ex was probably ranked in your top five (sexually wise) but their distrust for you ruined any passionate moment. Sure, they were ok in bed, but it wasn’t worth the stress.

8. Capricorn.

Ugh. Capricorns are known to be know it alls and that’s exactly how they were at sex. They were too mechanical in their gestures and actions and it didn’t feel good for you at all. When they thought they were doing a great job, you were left unsatisfied every time.

9. Aquarius.

This ex never ever displayed their emotions to you. You put up with it for a bit, but as months passed the communication was so lack thereof, you couldn’t stand it. They never asked what you wanted or what felt good for you. And they never complimented you once.

10. Taurus.

While they might’ve given you an orgasm or two, they were incredibly possessive. It got to a point where the sex didn’t matter anymore. You just wanted to run far, far away from them.

11. Virgo.

You dodged a bullet by breaking up with this person! Virgo’s are over critical of your performance in bed, and you could never catch a break. It always stressed you so much to try to make them happy, because they never were content with anything you did.

12. Pisces.

Pisces are the worst in bed and you don’t regret letting them go. They were always too sensitive and whiny and didn’t listen to what you wanted. All they cares about was their needs, they never wanted to please you at all.

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