This Is Why People Who Overthink Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

Brooke Cagle

We overthink to an enormous extent. We let these thoughts lay heavy on our chests. We twist and turn as night encloses in on us. And all we an do is think. And think some more.

Some people might say we are crazy. They might tell us to chill or to relax. But the truth is, overthinking doesn’t have to plague our lives. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative idea, when it comes to love. 

The thing about over thinkers is that we are strong as hell. And we care. Truly care. That’s why we think so much. That’s why we can’t sleep at night. That’s why we worry. That’s why we can’t control our own thoughts. It’s because we give a damn.

We will give you our all. We will give you our blood and tears and sweat with no shame. This is who we are. And we aren’t ashamed of that.

We think carefully about the way our partner will communicate with us and speak to us. We think long and hard about the way our partner will laugh at our jokes and smile at us from across the room. We don’t just jump into anything with anyone. We don’t fall in love blindly.

We think so much when we are falling in love  because we care so deeply for the other individual. We let our thoughts go, because we don’t want to lose him or her. We study and observe them until we are exhausted.

But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Because you see, we think long and hard about how to make our partner’s day after a long business trip. We observe what their favorite food is and what their favorite sex position is and what their favorite anything is. And we pay fucking attention. 

We notice the way our partner will say our name. We notice the little things they do in order to make us happy. We notice everything about our partner, because we want to know everything and anything about them. We don’t want to hold back and we don’t want them to feel the need to do so either.

Maybe we overanalyze too much. Maybe we drive other people crazy with our questions and worries and observations. But wouldn’t you rather have someone to care more than they care less?

We would do anything for you. We would fight to the ends of the earth just to see you smile. And we will love you until our hearts give out. We will adore you and cherish every part of you. And we won’t apologize for it.

Sure, overthinking can be a pain in the ass. It can be taxing and cause a lot of stress for us. But, we are blunt and bold and beautiful. We won’t hold back anything. We won’t take shit from anyone. We won’t settle.

And when we find the love that we are looking for, we won’t let it go. Because while overthinkers are sometimes seemingly clingy or jealous, I think we are much more than that. We are loyal and we love hard, with no apologies. We may overthink what you say or do, but it’s only because we care. It’s only because we want your and our lives to be even better and more beautiful. It’s only because give a damn.

And don’t you want to love someone who actually gives a damn? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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