Don’t Ever Fall For The Charming Fuckboy

Timothy Paul Smith

I kind of get now why Taylor Swift fell for John Mayer. Even when everyone told her to run. Even when everyone knew he was a player. Even when there were so many red flags and warning signs. She did it anyway.

And I understand. Because you see, we can’t freaking help it.

Fuckboys are charming. They leer you in with their fantastic smile and tricks up their sleeve that they have recycled in their long list of lovers. They win you over on the first date, telling you that you’re different. Telling you that they won’t hurt you or destroy.

And you aren’t dumb. You are a smart person. You have a brain. But you believe him. And that will become your biggest downfall.

It’s so easy to play the game. To talk the talk. To say what needs to be said, to say exactly what you want to hear. It’s not hard to play the nice guy. It’s not hard to be charming. And it’s not hard for you to fall. It’s not hard for you to say to yourself, well maybe he’s different. It’s not hard for you to fall for someone like that. Because he is a master at toying with people’s emotions.

And he is a master at hurting your heart.

You see, this is just what he does. Because he thinks he can. Because he doesn’t care. Because he doesn’t care about anyone else other than himself. And because he likes to toy and to play. But he doesn’t love. They never do.

It’s fun for him. To seduce you with his string of words that he has said before. It’s fun for him. To kiss you and make it seem like he meant it. It’s so much fun. For him. But not so much for you.

Your friends tell you to run the other direction. Your mom shakes her worried head. Your sister tells you he’s a coward. Your best friends tell you he’s bad news.

But you ignore all of it. Because he makes you feel alive. He makes you feel like a different person. He makes you feel so damn special. But this is a cycle that will turn into heartbreak. And this is a cycle that will never change.

Because he will never change.

Don’t ever think that you can change that kind of person. Don’t listen to his compliments and his lies. Don’t do what I did. Don’t run towards him, blinded by his eyes and his smile and his hands. Don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

Because one day you’re going to see him smile at other girls. One day, you’re going to see him flirt and touch other people’s hands like he did to you. But this time, it’s not going to be you. Because he doesn’t have the capability of loving your beautiful heart.

So run. And don’t look back. No matter how charming he is on the outside, it’s his heart that’s black. He has no business running around that heart of yours.

And you deserve so, so, much better than that. I hope you believe that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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