You’re Single Because You’re Strong As Hell

Noah Silliman

You’re single because your heart is strong enough to withstand without an anchor. You’re single because your soul is strong enough to swim through floods and long winded currents. You’re single because you’re strong as hell.

You’ve been through so much already. Through loss and heartache and grief that seemed to never end. You’ve been through guys and girls that continued to shatter your heart, like it was just a tiny piece of glass.

You let people into your life because you trusted anyone and everyone. You let them into your life and you never expected any of them to fail you. You never expected any of them to leave.

But too many people walked out. Too many people told you that you were not enough for them, or that you were just too much. Too sensitive. Too anxious. Too loud. Too caring. Too much of everything.

But you weren’t too much. They just couldn’t hold your big heart in their hands. They didn’t have enough room in their own selves for you. And for that, it is their loss. It is their tragedy and their mess to pick up.

You did nothing wrong, yet, all anyone did was leave you.

So you’re single. Because you know better now. You know better than to give your heart to just anyone. You know better than to toss your soul away to people who won’t treat it with respect. You’re single because you know your worth now.

You have learned to stand with your own two feet with swaying. You have learned how to laugh without having anyone to tell you a joke. You have learned how to smile without looking at another person to love.

And most importantly, you have learned the greatest gift you could ever have. And that’s love. Love for yourself.

You now know that you are irreplaceable. That you are a wildfire among ice. That you are a thunderstorm in august and a rainstorm in a drought. You now know how powerful you are. How mind numbingly beautiful your heart and soul is. And you know that you, of all people, deserve the world.

But you are waiting. And it’s not because you have given up. It’s not because you have lost all hope. It’s not because love has made you bitter.

You are waiting because you know that better things will come and prosper. You know that rushing love, will not get you what you need and want. And you know that your heart deserves someone magical. Someone who gets you. Someone who adores you. Someone who laughs at your awful jokes. Someone who respects you. Someone who sees you as a human being. Someone who trusts you. Someone who values you. Someone who is unafraid to let the world know that they are in love with you.

And someone like that is worth waiting for. Someone like that is worth every second, every minute and every year worth of waiting. 

Luckily for you, right now you have all the love you need in this universe. And that’s right inside of your heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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