This Is Why She Gave Up On You

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She tried. She really did. She tried to see the best in you, even when you were at your worst. She tried to stay for you, for your heart and soul. But all you did was push her away.

You see, you took her heart and her love for granted. You never appreciated her when she was all yours, and you never acted like you cared. At first you did. At first you made her laugh. You made her smile that blinding smile. You made her giggle into her hands. You made her adore you.

But then you got lazy. You got bored. You stopped being caught up in her and got caught up in your own selfishness. You stopped showing her off to your friends and family. You stop texting her good morning and good night.

It might seem like little thing. It might seem like dumb, tiny reasons.

But the little things add up to the big things. And your small mistakes were the reason she had to go. They added up. Because to her, those small things were big. And to her, you making her laugh and smile mattered. And you stopped trying to do that.

You stopped trying to make her happy.

She did everything she could to get you to care again. She baked you your favorite treats. She surprised you on your birthday. She made love to you more. She tried to get you to see her in the same light as before, but all you did was look away.

She tried to stay. To stay because she loved you and she loved who you used to be. But eventually, she gave up.

And it’s not because she was weak. It’s not because she was meek and heartbroken. She gave up on you, because was stronger than you could ever be. And she was being strong for herself, because you stopped being strong for her a long time ago.

Only when she left you, did you give a damn. Only when she said goodbye, did you open up your heart again. Only when she slammed the door, was when you grew up and changed. Only when she gave up you, did you want her back

But she wasn’t going to go back to someone who stopped being there for her. She was never going to go back to someone who didn’t love her in the same way that she loved you. She was never going back to someone who half cared. Who didn’t even try.

She had to give up on you for you to notice the void that she had left inside of you. She had to give up on you, for you to become something that someone could truly love later down the road.

And she had to give up on you, for you to become a better man. And for you to become a better person for someone else to love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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