Stop Caring About Boys Who Don’t Care Back

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Stop caring and wishing and dreaming. Stop crying and weeping and sleeping. Stop loving so hard, when you are getting utterly nothing in return. You are wasting your time and you aren’t showing yourself the self compassion that you deserve.

The truth is, he isn’t ever going to care. He isn’t ever going to come back. He isn’t going to wake up one day and come running towards you. And if he does? It’s only temporary. Because boys like that always want better and bigger and different. Boys like that only stick around until they get what they want. And then they vanish.

The truth is, you are wasting your life. Your life. This very minute and second is being wasted by thoughts of him. You are wasting your precious time on earth dreaming of him, crying over him, wanting him, and loving him when he doesn’t even think about you.

Why are you still pining over him? Why are you diminishing your self worth for a boy like him? Why are you obsessed with the fantasy of him, when he isn’t even worth fantasizing over?

He is not the kind of boy that deserves to be spoken on your lips. He doesn’t deserve to be dreamt of, or to have tears dropped over him. He doesn’t deserve to be begged for, or wished for.

Because the truth is, he never cared about you. He never did. And as much as that hurts to read and to know and to process, you need to hear it.

He never gave a damn. He never wanted to actually date you or be with you. He just wanted a body. A kiss. Two pair of lips and tight skinny jeans. He just wanted a muse, someone to play around with. He just wanted someone to waste his time with. He just wanted you for a little while. He just wanted you until he got bored of you. He wanted you until he found the next best thing.

He wanted you until he didn’t.

And that’s when he dropped you. That’s when he stopped calling. That’s when he stopped replying back. That’s when he stopped giving a shit about your feelings and your heart. That’s when you knew it was finally over. That’s when you knew that he wasn’t who you thought he was. That’s when you knew that you gave your heart to a ghost.

That’s when you knew you handed your heart over to a tin man.

Yet, you’re here wallowing over him. Over a boy who never treated you with respect. Over a boy who never cared for you. Over a boy who never loved you. Over a boy who just wanted sex and lust and fireworks. Over a boy who never really wanted to to know you. Over a boy who wanted the exterior, not your interior.

So stop.

He isn’t worth the tears. He isn’t worth the nights spent watching Bridget Jones Diary for the hundredth time. He isn’t worth your broken heart. He isn’t worth your blues.

Give yourself some damn love. Give yourself some respect. And stop respecting him. Stop worshipping a boy who never wanted you in the first place. It’s not your loss. It’s his. And he doesn’t even realize it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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