Staying Single Is So Much Better Than Being Half Loved

Ariel Lustre

Staying single is so much better than half hearted love. It’s a million times better than half anything, or any unanswered questions. Staying single is so much more fun and more fulfilling than something or someone that is not whole hearted.

You do not have to be with someone who does not make your heart feel held. Don’t stick by someone who does not stick by you in the same way. Don’t give all your wildfire and your light to someone who does not see beauty in it. Don’t give your everything to someone who gives you nothing.

Don’t make yourself smaller for anybody.

So stay single. Because you of all people, deserve to be fully loved. And right now? You are the only person who can do that. You are the only person who can be there for yourself. So be alone. Sit alone. Sleep alone.

Do not give your bones and your breaths and your lips to others who do not light up with life when you give yourself to them. Do not give up yourself to make others feel wanted.

Because you deserve to be loved entirely. You deserve to be adored, to be treated like you are the only person in the room that matters to them. You deserve to be treated with grace and with dignity and with respect.

So for now, don’t settle for anything less. Don’t jump into high waters and currents that will drag you away from yourself. Don’t dive into a relationship just because you feel lonely or feel upset. Don’t dive into anything that does not give you the life and the love that you deserve.

You deserve something that is whole. You deserve beauty and commitment. You deserve something that is full, something that will fill your insides up and overflow out of you. You deserve love that isn’t a question mark. You deserve love that is written in permanent marker. Love that makes you love yourself even more. Love that makes you work hard to be a better person, and love that sends you flying.

So please, stay single. Because right now, being alone is better than anything else. Being alone is better than the boy from next door who only wants sex from you. Being alone is so much better than the guy from Tinder or Bumble who just want you for a day or two. Being alone is better than being rejected by someone who you thought cared for you. Being alone is so much more fulfilling than searching for unfulfilling love.

Learn how to be alone and not feel lonely. Learn how to make yourself feel wanted and cared for. Learn how to adore yourself.

Don’t you dare let yourself get played. Don’t you dare let yourself settle. Because in the end, you will be left with just you and your broken heart. And you will be the only person left to pick up your own shattered pieces.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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