Don’t Give Your Everything To Someone Who Gives You Nothing

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Don’t do it. Don’t give your all to someone who is undeserving. Don’t give your best and your most true self to someone who will only give you half of themselves. Don’t pretend you are someone less. Don’t treat yourself like you are last in line.

You are your own unique and wonderful person. There is only one of you in this entire world and in this entire universe. So don’t let anyone treat you like you are not special. Don’t let anyone treat you like you are not magnificent.

You need to realize that you are worthy. That you, yes you, are lovable and beautiful. And maybe you don’t see it when you look in the mirror. Maybe you don’t see it with your grades or in your career or friendships. But one day you will. You have to. You have to see your worth for what it is. You have to look at yourself in the mirror, and despite the flaws and the rolls and the parts you hate.

You need to see yourself as something that is worth more than nothing.

Don’t surround yourself with individuals who are blind to your beauty. Don’t associate yourself with people who can’t see your light, who can’t hear your harmony and your symphony. Don’t give them your precious time and your precious heart. Because at the end of the day, they aren’t going to give you anything back. They are just going to take full advantage of your kindness and your gifts. And then they will leave.

Don’t get heartbroken by people who are not worth your tears and your pain. There are people out there who will take and take and take. There are people out there in this world who are going to see your vulnerability and your trust and they are going to wreck you.

So don’t let them wreck you. Don’t let them take anything from you. Don’t let them smash your heart out. Don’t let them give you false hope.

I’m not telling you to grow untrustworthy of people. I’m not saying you should be guarded at all times. I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to love. What I’m saying is, you are a vision of everything that is good in this world. What I’m saying is, you are someone that deserves everything. You are a person of hope and of love and of joy.

And you deserve to be fully loved in a way that won’t break you. you deserve to be fully loved in a way that doesn’t hurt so much. You deserve to be fully loved in a way that isn’t selfish or fake. You deserve to be fully loved in a way that will never make you bleed.

Don’t give your all to someone who gives you a pinch of who they are. Don’t give your everything to someone who would dare to give you nothing back. Just know that you are worth more. Know that you are so much more than a piece or a part of a whole. Know that your heart deserves to be adored, without apologies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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