11 Uncomfortable Signs You Should Be Single Right Now

Brooke Cagle

1. You still stalk your ex when you’re drunk.

After a little too much wine on a Saturday night, you find yourself deep into stalker mode looking at your ex when he was in middle school. Do yourself a favor and block the poor guy already!

2. You’re sad more than you’re happy.

When you’re alone you find yourself reminiscing on the past and you wish you could get back to that time where you were happy. Now, you feel more lonely than content and you aren’t truly happy in your life. Instead of searching for a partner, stay single to work on your own version of happiness.

3. You don’t put yourself first.

You settle for less in all aspects in your life and you don’t put yourself first. Stay single to take time to get to know yourself better. Don’t jump into a relationship because you think it’s what you need to do or  it’s what everyone else wants for you.

4. You still talk to your ex frequently.

If you’re still talking to your ex like you two are best buds but you are secretly still in love with him, stay single to get over him. And STOP TALKING TO HIM.

5. You have more than one dating app on your phone.

To pass time, you mindlessly scroll through Tinder and Bumble and OkCupid. It’s like an addiction to you to get instant gratification from strangers and honestly? It’s a bit unhealthy to spend so much time only connecting with people through an app.

6. You don’t treat your body right.

It’s easy to treat your body like it’s a garbage disposal when you’re sad and lonely, but you need to start treating your body and mind better. And staying single is a good way to start.

7. You’re a serial dater.

If you’re a serial dater and are always searching for the next best thing, you really should try and take a break! Stop settling for mediocre relationships and wait for true love that you really deserve.

8. You’re hard on yourself.

If you have been feeling like a shell of your old self and like you have nothing to offer to anybody, then work on your self esteem and confidence levels. Being in a relationships isn’t going to magically make you happier.

9. You isolate yourself more than you make plans.

If you’re spending way too much time by your lonesome self, start hanging out with friends and family. You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to have fun and to form close connections with someone. Stop spending so much time by yourself and call up old friends.

10. Your mental health isn’t the best.

If your mental health is not at it’s best and your anxiety or depression is skyrocketing, it’s time to seek help. Don’t expect a relationship to fix your broken parts. Get a therapist, talk to someone about your problems who is a professional. You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend for that.

11. You feel like you need a significant other to complete you.

This is 2017. You do not need someone else to validate you or make you feel whole. Love yourself and take care of yourself, by yourself. Learn how to be independent and love your life (while staying single).

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