You’re Single Because You Have Self Worth

You’re single because you don’t want to settle. Love is not a game to you. It’s not a joke. You’re not going to get a girlfriend or boyfriend just to make you feel less alone for the time being. You know your worth. And your worth is not temporary.

You’re single right now because you know that getting into a relationship now would be for all the wrong reasons.

In the past you’ve said yes to people who didn’t deserve to be with you. You dated people who treated you like crap. You kissed people who didn’t care about you. And you threw yourself into relationships — just for the sake of being in a relationship.

You promised yourself it wouldn’t happen again. That you were never going to devalue yourself for someone who doesn’t truly love you. That you were never going to date someone, just to say you were dating someone.

You’re single because you have goals that are more important to you than having a significant other right now. This isn’t to say you don’t want a special someone. This isn’t to say that everyone in relationships don’t have admirable goals, but, you’re just waiting for the right person at the right time.

And you aren’t going to jump the gun.

Not for love. Not again.

You’re single because you don’t have time for people who aren’t going to make time for you. You are done feeling stomped over by people who can’t even look you in the eyes. You’re done caring so much, when all anyone ever does is leave.

You’re single because you aren’t going to put your heart out on the line for someone who isn’t going to catch it. You are done with people who can’t even make up their own mind about how they feel about you.

You’re single because you don’t mind waiting. Waiting for something good. Waiting for someone good. Someone who is caring and respectful and compassionate with your heart. You don’t mind waiting at all for someone who will cradle your heart in their hands and promise not to drop it. You don’t mind waiting for the person who will keep their promises and make you feel like you are the only one.

For big and great love, you don’t mind waiting at all.

Because for you, the wait isn’t so bad knowing what is on the other side. For you, being alone does not mean that you are lonely. For now, being single is the only way you know how to live now, because you know that love will one day come knocking on your door, and you will gladly welcome it into your home.

You’re single because right now, there is no one in your life that makes you want to not be. You’re single right now, because you love yourself more than you do anyone else. And you’re single because you know that the love you will eventually have one day will be so incredibly worth the wait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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