You Deserve To Be More Than Just Somebody’s ‘Option’

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You are a human being. A living, breathing beautiful being. And you know what? You don’t deserve to let people take advantage of your heart and your love. You don’t deserve to be stepped on, to be laughed at for wanting to be loved.

You deserve to be so much more than someone’s maybe. Than someone else’s option. You are not an option, or a question mark. Your heart is too big to feel fulfilled by half-hearted love.

You don’t deserve to be someone’s ‘almost’. You don’t deserve to be someone’s ‘later’, or someone’s ‘maybe in a few years’. You deserve real, true love. You of all people deserve love that is never ever questionable.

You deserve to be someone’s ‘always’. You deserve to be someone’s ‘forever’.

You were meant to hold onto greater things in life than someone who plays games with you. You were meant to kiss someone greater than the boy who likes to tug at your heartstrings and leave you high and dry. You were meant to give your heart to someone that is better than him. To someone that is better than what you are used to now.

You deserve everything that you fantasize love to be about. You deserve everything that love can give a human being. But, you need to stop selling yourself short. You need to stop loving people who don’t love you back. You need to stop latching onto people who frankly, don’t give a damn about you.

Your heart needs to be filled. And it’s not going to feel whole with these people that you keep letting back into your life. It’s not going to be fulfilled if you keep on letting it get broken.

You are too capable and beautiful and smart to let these people throw you around. You are too wonderful and lovable to take anything that you can get. You are too magical to accept love that is not love.

Don’t fall for their tricks. Don’t fall for their lies and their fire eyes. Don’t fall for their hands on you. All they are is talk. They are cowards. They don’t want true love. They don’t want commitment. They just want your body and your lips. They just want a tiny taste of you.

And then they are going to let go of you. Because to them? You were just an option. You were just an object. You were just a nothing.

Don’t be somebody’s nothing.

In your heart, you know that you deserve more. You know that you are worth more, and that you should be treated so much better than how they treat you. You just need to gather enough courage to tell them to stop. You just need to have enough strength inside of you to call it off for good. And you need to find that love inside of yourself, to let love come to you when it needs to.

Be patient with yourself. Have compassion for your own heart. Cut off ties with those people who only see you as a body part. Call it off with those people who only want you when they are lonely. 

Show yourself the kind of love that you know you will one day find. Love yourself harder, than they could ever love you. And show yourself that you are not an option. You are not a force to be reckoned with.

No, you are worth more. You deserve so much more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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