This Is Why He Ghosted You

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You think he likes you back. That he feels what you feel. He tells you you’re different. He tells you that you’re special, that you’re beautiful. You talk every day. He texts you goodnight and a smiley face. You smile while you fall asleep.

You think to yourself that this time will be different than all the rest. That this time, he means what he says. He wouldn’t lie to you. He wouldn’t play you that hard, right?

People start to warn you about him. They tell you, you shouldn’t trust him. They tell you, you’re going to get hurt in the end. They say he’s a player. He’s a charmer. They beg you to not talk to him again. You scoff and smile at all of them. ‘You just don’t understand’, you say.

And here you are now, wondering what the fuck you did. Wondering how this happened AGAIN. Wondering why you fall for guys who don’t fall back. Wondering if it’s your fault. Wondering if you’re the reason they don’t care.

One day you were texting and talking like normal, and then he fell off the face of the earth. You try to take your mind off of him, thinking that he is probably busy. But then days pass. And then it’s been two weeks. And then it’s been a month, and you’ve realized he isn’t ever going to respond.

It doesn’t matter how many times you snapchat him or text him ‘hi’. He’s not coming back. No matter how much you want him to. 

He ghosted you because he’s a coward. Because his heart is too grey and small to hold yours. He ghosted you because he doesn’t know how to commit. He can’t trust anyone, not himself.

He ghosted you because he is incapable of true love.

He only likes to play around, to toy you around his little finger. He only likes to see people as seas of bodies, and have his way with every one of them. You were only another girl to him. Another body. You weren’t special to him, because he isn’t special at all.

He ghosted you because he has no self-esteem. He can’t take the thought of rejection, the thought of someone not wanting him back. So he ghosts. He stops communication. And he acts like you never existed. 

He ghosted because he isn’t a man. He is a little boy in a big body. He can’t comprehend big love. He can’t comprehend that you were too good for him. He doesn’t understand that you could’ve been the best thing that ever happened to you.

He just doesn’t know how special you are.

He ghosted you because he is the definition of a coward. He acts impulsively, like a child without candy. He doesn’t have the emotional capacity to ever be able to love someone and be loved back. He’s too obsessed with lust. He’s too obsessed with having people to play with instead of love.

He ghosted you, and here you are crumpled up on the floor. Here you are, wondering why, why, why?

Why? He doesn’t deserve someone like you. He is not worth your tears or your time. He isn’t worth a single damn drop. He does’t know how to love. And he can’t handle the beauty and wonder that your heart could have given him.

He ghosted you because his ego is too big to realize that he quite possibly lost the greatest love of his life. He ghosted you, as a reminder to you, that you are better than him. As a reminder to you that he is trash. And you? You’re treasure.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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