Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Who Loves Every Part Of You

Vladlane Vadek

Please wait. Be happy on your own. Enjoy your single life. Flirt in bars and party like it’s New Years Eve every day. Meet people who make you laugh and smile into your palms. Restrengthen your beautiful friendships and your relationships with your family members.

Enjoy your life. Don’t sit around waiting. Don’t view your own self worth as less than someone who is in a relationship. Don’t tell yourself that you are unlovable. Love your life and be patient.

Don’t stalk the bars at night trying to lock eyes with ‘the one’. Don’t complain and whine about being single because honestly? Being single is only a tiny part of you. Fall in love with yourself and with what makes your heart light up. Fall in love with the way the leaves change in the fall and the smell of the white air before it snows. Fall in love with this honest feeling of deep understanding and adoration for yourself and for your own being.

And only then will you be able to find someone else to share your world with. Only then will you be able to fully love someone as much as you love yourself. So don’t settle. Don’t be in a rush. The right person will come into your life when the timing is right.

The right person for you will love the way your cheeks crinkle when you smile. The right person for you will adore the sound of laughter and how your eyes beam brighter. The right person for you will love the feeling of your hand in theirs and they will never want to let go. The right person will love your intelligence and your ability to put people above your own needs. The right person for you will adore your empathy and sense of deep care for your loved ones and the right person for you will love every vessel in your body.

The right person for you will love your stubbornness. They will love the way you need space after an argument. They will love your ability to say what you want with no apologies. They will love that you curse too much and are sometimes incredibly impulsive. They will love your spontaneity and the way you trip over your own two feet constantly.

The right person for you will love your every flaw. Even if it drives them crazy, wild and insane, they will still love those characteristics. They will still love you, despite it all. Despite the ugly days. Despite the days where you are mean and inattentive and rude. Despite the Monday mornings where all you want to do is sleep and you’re crankier than satan himself. They will still hold your heart close to theirs. They will still kiss you every night and promise you forever. They will still adore every bone in your body, every roll, every birth mark, and every painful bag you carry from your broken past.

The right person for you won’t cringe or wince at your flaws. No, they will welcome your whole self with open arms. And they won’t ever let go. And they will kiss those dark parts of you that no one would ever dare look at. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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