Date Someone Who You Never Have To Beg For

Haley Phelps

Date someone who you never have to wait or beg for. Who already recognizes that you are the person they are meant to be with. Date someone who already knows that you’re the one.

Don’t settle for someone who you have to scream and shout for. Don’t you dare settle for someone who you have to convince that your love is worthy. Don’t fall in love with someone who has no idea how special you are

If you have to beg for their love, you are already putting them above yourself and allowing them to have control. If you have to beg for them to stay or for them to not walk out, you are already making them more important than yourself.

Know that you are more important.

Realize that if you have to convince someone to love you, than it’s not real love. Understand that if you have to keep shouting and fighting for them to love you back, all you are doing is further demonstrating that you are nothing without this person.

But you are something. You are never ever just nothing.

You are more than a half of a whole, or a piece of a relationship. You can be whole without them. You can be full without trying to scratch at their heart. You don’t need this person in your life, if all they are doing is running out the door.

Don’t put yourself down a notch just to make them stay. Don’t underestimate your own heart and your own love. They have no business trying to hold your heart when all they are doing is convincing you that you have nothing if you don’t have them.

Please, don’t date the person who you have to beg for.

Date the person who already knows you’re beautiful. Who already knows that your heart is capable of selfless love. Who already knows from day one, that you are it for them. Date the person who adores to wake up with you every single morning, and who would never dream of taking advantage of your love.

Date the person who believes your every word. Who believes in your huge dreams that seem impossible to you but not impossible to them. Date the person who loves you harder and harder each day, with zero hesitation.

Date the person who tells you they will always stay and who means it. Date the person who would never walk out on a gorgeous heart like yours. Date the person who means what they say and who you trust with your whole being.

Date the person who you would never have to beg for, because you know deep down that they would never leave you.

Date the person who will stick by you through all of the dark days and rough nights. And who knows that even on the dark days with you, that those days are better than any day spent without you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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