45 Little Things Every 20-Something Needs To Know Before Graduating College

Seth Doyle

1. Just because you have a diploma, doesn’t make you any better than someone else without it.

2. A diploma doesn’t guarantee you to snatch up dream job right away.

3. Your dream job won’t just fall into your lap.

4. You will have to go through many shitty jobs before you find one you like.

5. It’s perfectly normal to make mistakes in your career.

6. It’s also perfectly normal to have a quarter-life crisis every other day.

7. The graduation blues are very real.

8. Comparing yourself to your peers will only hurt you more.

9. Everyone is confused and lost (it’s not just you).

10. Being fired won’t make or break your career.

11. No matter what job you have, you will take away something valuable from each one.

12. You will lose friends (and that’s ok).

13. People will disappoint you, but don’t let them make you bitter.

14. You don’t have to get a job that has to do with your major.

15. You will fail over and over again.

16. People will always better than at you at something whether you like it or not.

17. There is no such thing as perfection.

18. The real world is HARD. Buckle up.

19. One day, your hard work will pay off.

20. You won’t get anywhere by being lazy.

21. Work your ass off for what you want. And if you don’t get it, keep on working until you do.

22. If you aren’t married by 22, you aren’t doomed to be a cat lady forever.

23. Sleep is your new bestie.

24. You will fall out of touch with many of your college mates. Always remember that friendship is a two way street.

25. It’s perfectly normal to live with your parents after graduating. In fact, most people are going to be in that same boat.

26. Keep in touch with your favorite professors for potential letter of recommendations for jobs.

27. Working retail IS a real job.

28. Don’t forget to BREATHE.

29. It’s ok to have a breakdown as long as you pick yourself up afterwards.

30. You’re going to be incredibly jealous of people who seemed to move at a faster pace than you. Don’t let them hurt your self confidence.

31. No one is 100% confident during this period in their life.

32. No one knows what they are doing (just like you).

33. Listen to your parents when they give you advice (and follow it).

34. Don’t ignore those pesky student loans until they overwhelm you.

35. Let go of past people who only made you feel shitty about yourself.

36. Your hangovers are going to get worse.

37. You’re allowed to be proud of yourself for all that you have accomplished! Graduating is an incredibly big deal.

38. If you don’t know what you’re doing with your life — travel.

39. If your job is affecting your mental health, do yourself a favor and quit.

40. No amount of money is worth the loss of your sanity.

41. Don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do.

42. Relationships will end and mend. Friendships will end and mend. Just because you have graduated doesn’t mean your life will be any less messy.

43. Keep your best friends close.

44. You will have days when you are ready to give up and quit. Don’t. Your work will one day pay off.

45. You’re not going to have it all together, even five years from now. Take it day by day and be patient with yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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