31 Thoughts I Had Immediately After Being Ghosted

Twenty20 / @marinaskaanes

1. Wait, seriously? Is he twelve?

2. Might as well order take out for two and go on a date. In my own house. By myself.

3. He probably has something terribly wrong with him, so definitely dodged a bullet there.

4. But his smile. His goddamn smile.

5. My parents don’t even know what ‘ghosting’ is…

6. Why do people do this? Just say you are dead or something. Don’t fucking ignore me.

7. This is actual hell.

8. Maybe I’ll send another text in case he didn’t get my past one.

9. Nope. He definitely just doesn’t give a shit.

10. The thai food came and I’m on my porch. Life is good but also not because I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MENTALLY HANDLE THIS.

11. Don’tcrydon’tcrydon’tcry.

12. K. Crying.

13. He’s not even that cute. Like maybeee a 9.5. Out of 10… FUCK.

14. You know those people that look cute crying? Def not me.

15. I know it’s about his issues and it’s not about what I did or didn’t do. But that doesn’t take this feeling away. I haven’t felt this rejected since ninth grade when my best friend stole the boy I liked.

16. I will never ghost anyone in my life ever again because THIS IS MISERABLE.

17. He literally watched my snapchats AND STILL HASN’T TEXTED ME BACK.

18. No human being deserves this type of torture.

19. I need to buy some wine and delete my poems about him.


21. K so just remembered he laughed when I said I liked Taylor Swift. His laugh was so sweet though.

22. He kind of sucked. But still. His smile.

23. Why did/do I like him again?!

24. This is why I don’t date. Ever.

25. HOW DID I END UP ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE? Someone get me on that intervention show please.

26. I think I like making myself miserable. Feelings are fun.

27. Maybe online shopping will make me feel better.

28. Time to spend way too much money on underwear that HE WILL NEVER GET TO SEE.

29. I hope he doesn’t read this. Should I even put this up? Probably not but YOLO.

30. Is three glasses of wine too much?

31. Nope. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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