This Is Why She Is Going To Break Your Heart

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She won’t mean to do it maliciously. She never wanted to hurt you. To cause your eyes to fill with teardrops. Please know, she never intended to break your heart.

She didn’t walk into this relationship knowing that it would end that way. She didn’t walk into this relationship prematurely knowing that it would fail. No one thinks that their relationships are going to turn to dust. No one expects the love to ever, ever end.

Sparks flew when you first met. She convinced herself that you were the one for her. That’d you take her pain away. That’d you turn his leaving into a new beginning. She was giddy. Excited. She liked you, a lot. And in the beginning? She never wanted it to end.

She convinced herself that you’d make her forget about him. That’d you’d be better than he was. That the love with you would be greater. Bigger. Better.

At first, everything was magic. Like the movie kind of magic that only happens once every blue moon. You were everything to her and you knew it. When you looked at her, her stomach swelled with butterflies. When you kissed her, she didn’t ever want it to stop. When you said her name, she smiled.

But like everything good in life, it doesn’t always stay that way.

As time passed, she realized you were holding her back. That you were holding back her wings and preventing her from flying. You see, as time passed she realized she didn’t love you like she thought she did.

She learned that you were the kind of person to hold your emotions inside of you, and that you were the kind of person who gives up easily. She learned with time that you were not the kind of communicator that she needed. That you would make someone very happy one day, but it wasn’t going to be her.

As time passed, she realized that what she was feeling wasn’t love. As time passed, she realized that she had been settling. And it wasn’t even your fault, because she didn’t realize it until it was too late.

So she had to break your heart, you see.

She had to do it, for the sake of herself.

Would you want her to stay with you out of pity? Out of the kindness of her heart? Would you want her to stay with you because she felt sorry for you? Because she felt bad?

She had to say goodbye. She had to. To put herself first. To put her life above yours. She couldn’t lie to you. she couldn’t stay in a relationship that wasn’t fulfilling her. That wasn’t comforting her and providing her with nourishment.

Maybe it was selfish. But maybe more people should be a little less sorry and a little more selfish. She did what she had to do. Even if it broke you. Even if it tore you apart.

You weren’t the one for her. The right one. The right person. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be the right person for someone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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