The Real Reason You Aren’t Good Enough For Her

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You aren’t good enough for you. And it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, or that you’re undeserving of love. It’s just the truth – she deserves more than just you.

You see, she was born to be more than mediocre. She was born to live in more than one place for her whole life. She was born to explore. To go. To flee. She was born to do more than you could ever give her.

She has a fierce heart. And it’s big, maybe even too big. You can’t just take it, grab it and have it. You can’t steal her from her passions and from herself. You can’t expect her to stay when you can’t give her the world. you can’t expect her to stay, when all she needs to do is run.

Because her heart belongs to nobody but herself.

She was born to be somebody. Not to be famous, or to be a star, but to be able to run without saying sorry. She was born to see and smell and taste. She was born to be more than just herself. She was born to love the earth.

She deserves the city lights and the country roads. She deserves small towns and skyscrapers. She deserves to truly live. To eat five different types of foods in one day. To climb Mount Everest. To hike in the August heat. To fall in love with strangers. To smile at the sunrise and to drink glasses of wine watching the sunset.

You see, she deserves to fall in love with her own life, instead of someone else.

And to her, living isn’t working day in and day out. Living isn’t being comfortable. Living isn’t playing it safe. Living isn’t standing still. Living isn’t meant to be stagnant. It’s not meant to be boring, to do the same thing every damn day.

She wants to live a life that is thrilling, because she is a hurricane. She wants the ocean and the wind and the waves. She wants the tears and the joys and the stomach dropping adrenaline.

She doesn’t deserve a life that isn’t suited for her. That doesn’t fulfill her in a way that you never could. She doesn’t want the 9-5 job. She doesn’t want the office job. She doesn’t want the marriage and kids yet.

Because you see, she deserves herself.

She deserves to discover herself, by herself. She deserves to fall in love with herself without you holding her hand. Without your encouragement. And without your hand to hold.

She deserves to find her own kind of love, before you take her heart. And she deserves to have her own life, before you take pieces and parts of it. She was not meant to stand still. To only give her heart to one person, because her heart is just that big. She was made to give and to give, because it’s what she does.

And now it’s time for her to take. To let the world give her something for a change. To let the world envelope her in its arms. It’s time for her to leave, so she can discover herself and the rest of the universe. 

It’s not your fault. It’s not you. It’s just that, she’s the kind of woman who smiles at thunderstorms and laughs at lightening. And you’re the kind of man who goes inside. She’s the kind of woman who runs into the rain, and you’re the kind of man who puts up his umbrella. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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