Sometimes You Will Find The ‘Good’ In Goodbye


As much as goodbyes suck and as much as goodbyes hurt, most of the time, good can come from it. With time, flowers will sprout where a drought once was. And you will grow from your goodbyes, despite the pain and heartache.

The initial pain from goodbyes is always going to feel intense. It’s always going to feel like you’re dying, like your heart could shatter with every breath you take. It’s always going to hurt, no matter if you’re saying goodbye to a family member, to a friendship or to a relationship. It’s always going to leave a hole in your heart.

But saying goodbye doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

You see, with each goodbye you have to endure, a hello will shortly follow. With every parting hug, a new embrace will come your way. With each tear you let drop from your eye, a new smile will be planted.

Friendships end. Relationships end. People change. People leave.

Nothing is ever going to remain the same. Everything is constantly changing, evolving and growing. And just like your relationships are changing, your heart is too. With goodbyes, comes growth. Growth in your core. Growth in your soul. Growth in your heart. And growth in your own self love journey.

When you say goodbye to a relationship, you will learn what you need and don’t need from a significant other. You will learn what you can tolerate and accept, and what you cannot. You’ll learn more about your heart, and what your heart needs to feel safe. 

When you say goodbye to a relationship, you’ll learn what your future self needs and wants to feel happy and fulfilled.

When you say goodbye to a friendship, you will learn how to put yourself first. You will learn how to approach confrontation in a more peaceful way. You will learn how to forgive, and how to not forget. When you say goodbye to a friendship that once was very important to you, you’ll learn how to be more careful when choosing friends and people to surround yourself with.

When you say goodbye to a friendship, you will ultimately become acquainted with your true strength.

When you say goodbye to toxic relationships, you will learn your courage and your own power. You will learn how to put yourself first and you will never make the mistake of putting yourself in second place ever again. When you say goodbye to toxic relationships, you will eventually come out stronger and wiser, despite all of the hurt.

You will eventually grow into who you will become.

So please remember, there is good in goodbye. There are lessons to be learned and strengths to be found. And no matter the pain and the hurt that your heart is in, don’t ever forget that you should never be sorry for putting yourself first. You should never apologize for doing what is best for you.

So say goodbye. Say goodbye to what is holding you back. Say goodbye to those people who weigh you down. Say goodbye to anybody who doesn’t make you feel beautiful and strong.

Say goodbye, and learn what it feels like to be set free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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