11 Things You Learn When You Leave A Toxic Friendship


1. Goodbyes will always be difficult.

No matter what, goodbyes are going to be painful. At one point in your life this friendship was incredibly important to you, and saying goodbye will cause damage to your heart. Just remember that this goodbye is necessary for you to truly heal.

2. You’ll regain your own self worth.

You’ll start to make decisions on your own and to gain more perspective on your own life. You’ll learn with time after the friendship has ended that you deserve more. You deserve unconditional love and support.

3. You’ll learn what love is and what love is not.

Love and friendships are all about trust, support and lifting one another up. Love is not undermining ones worth and it isn’t about tearing each other down. You’ll realize that this toxic friendship was never truly healthy and all it did was cause damage to the both of you.

4. You’ll know to trust your instincts next time.

You always had a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that something wasn’t right. Now, you know to always trust your gut feeling. Your instincts should always be something you pay attention to especially when it comes to the people you hang out with.

5. Settling isn’t worth it in the end.

Was settling worth this hurt? Was it worth this pain and uncomfortable confrontation? No. Don’t settle for half hearted relationships and friendships. Don’t settle for something that isn’t pure.

6. Love isn’t supposed to hurt so much.

You’ll look back on this friendship and realize that you were never really happy. You gave and gave and all this person did was take away from your beauty and your selflessness. Love is a two way street. It’s supposed to be balanced, not uneven and messy.

7. You control your own life.

You’ll come to find that no one can control your life and your happiness but yourself. Make the right choices with the people you give your heart to. Don’t open up your heart to anyone who questions your worth and who doubts your ability to love.

8. You learn the beauty and grace of letting go.

While ending this toxic friendship will be painful, eventually the sting won’t be so apparent. Eventually, you’ll be able to let go of this person, forgive them and move on with your life. You’ll start to feel free instead of sad and you’ll finally feel back to your old self.

9. It’s ok to mourn this relationship.

It’s totally ok to mourn this friendship. It’s normal to feel deeply about a relationship that used to mean the world to you. Not everything is black and white. Don’t bottle up your feelings and let yourself feel. Just because you feel, doesn’t mean you’re a weak person.

10. In the end, real friends won’t make you feel so small.

Friendship is sacred. It’s not meant to make you feel small. It isn’t meant to make you feel stupid, or like you aren’t as beautiful as you are. Friendship is a vital part of anyone’s life, so choose wisely.

11. The power of true friendship.

You’ll be grateful for the friends that you do have and for the relationships that give you so much love and courage. You’ll realize that true friendship is powerful and what is meant to be will be. Get out of your toxic relationships and watch your world glow a bit brighter. You’re worth more than someone who does nothing but drag you down. You’re worth more than someone who doesn’t love your love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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