This Is Why Old Souls Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

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Old souls are sometimes looked at as being old-fashioned and conservative. They are often labeled as people who don’t fit in in this generation, but there is so much more to old souls than you may think!

Old souls know what they want. They never teeter from their instincts and gut reactions. They go into relationships knowing exactly how they should be treated and won’t put up with bullshit. They value intellectual conversations, rather than wasting time talking about the weather or about the latest ‘diet trend’. Old souls value deep connections more than anyone else.

Old souls don’t settle. They honestly would rather be dead than to ever settle. They have always known that they can’t do casual relationships like most people their age. They can’t stomach the idea of being intimate with someone who they hardly know, and they won’t give into peer pressure to have one night stands.

Old souls will tell you the truth. They can’t hide anything from you, if they have feelings for you. Even if it could potentially hurt you, old souls will never ever lie to you. Your relationship with them means so much, and they would never do anything to jeopardize your trust.

Old souls will put you first. They will excitedly introduce you to their family and friends, giddy with joy. Their family knows that they would never introduce them to anyone who treated their child terrible and they will fall in love with you the second they meet you. An old soul will always think and talk highly of you, constantly bragging to their loved ones about you.

They aren’t going to abandon you or jump ship. They aren’t going to get bored and want to play the field.

Old souls love hard. They will flight for you, always. They aren’t going to turn away or try to find the next best thing that they can get their hands on. Old souls aren’t wired that way. They are wired to love deep, and to fall even harder. They aren’t wired to mess with your head or to play games.

When old souls fall in love, know that they aren’t going to go anywhere. Know that they will trust whatever you say to them. And know that they will cherish you until the day they die. 

Old souls crave deep, loyal and unbreakable relationships. They are never going to call an ex up when they are lonely, or contact a hook up buddy just when they are feeling sad. They don’t ‘hook up’ at all. They don’t give away themselves to strangers or people they have spoken one word to.

They know that their worth is greater than that. They know that their worth is greater than a drunken kiss. They know that their worth will someday be noticed. And they will wait and wait to finally meet their one true love.

Old souls may seem like prudes to you, or like they don’t ‘have anything fun. But I can assure you, their relationships are far greater and impactful than casual relationships.

They don’t date or love to get something from somebody else. They just want to love, and to be loved back in the deepest possible way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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