This Is Why Introverts Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

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1. They are amazing listeners.

Introverts will listen to all your worries about life, work, and the future. They will do so with no judgement whatsoever, and will always be willing to lend a listening ear for you, no matter what.

2. They are empathetic.

Introverts are deep souls and they feel incredibly strongly. When you are having a bad day or are struggling with your emotions, they will put themselves in your shoes and do everything they possibly can to understand where you are coming from.

3. They know themselves inside and out.

Introverts know themselves extremely well because they pay close attention to their instincts and gut feelings. If they are dating you, this means they put careful thought into this decision. You are worth it to them.

4. You will become their whole world.

When you date an introvert, you will become their outlet. You will become the one person they tell everything to because they trust you with their whole heart. Essentially, you will become their ‘person’ as Meredith Grey would say.

5. They will always give you their undivided attention.

Introverts won’t need to recharge their energy when it comes to you. You never drain their precious social energy because they care about you so much. They will always drop everything they are doing whenever you need it.

6. Your conversations will always be meaningful.

You will never have another dull conversation ever again when you date an introvert. Trust me.

7. They won’t want to change you.

Introverts will find you perfect as you are. They will never want you to be less outgoing or more outgoing and they will never tell you to be ‘more like this’ or ‘more like that’. They chose you as you are and are head over heels for the person you are now.

8. Their comfort level with you will get better and better.

As time moves on, they will become increasingly outgoing and vulnerable with you. Their comfort level will heighten pretty fast because they will spend so much time with you.

9. They will always be honest.

Introverts have no problem with being honest, whether or not it’s about something good or bad. They will always tell the truth and expect you to do the same. You will have no problems with communication in this relationship, because they don’t hide anything from you.

10. They respect your need for social activity and need for space.

They know they you won’t be exactly like them when it comes to being social or anti social. They will let you have your space when you need it, and gladly so! They will also respect your need for more social interactions than what is healthy for them.

11. When they fall, they fall deep without fear.

Introverts don’t fall just for anyone. They have incredibly high standards and the fact they chose you, should make you swell with pride. They are going to adore you and if you let them, they will fall hard for you. Just promise not to drop them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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