The Difference Between A ‘Fuckboy’ And A ‘Forever Boy’

Jeremy Bishop

A ‘fuckboy’ will seem charming and ‘different’ from the rest. He will seem charismatic, luring you in with his eye contact and tiny kisses to your fingertips.

A ‘fuckboy’ will take you out on dates. He will pay the bill. He will open the door for you and hold your hand. He will do everything right and say everything right. He will tell you how special you are. How ‘different’ you are from anyone he has ever met. And you’re going to believe him. He will intertwine your fingers with his and coat your heart with a thick layer of promises, and you’re going to think he means it.

You’ll trust him. You’ll want more of him, again and again. He will make you feel like you’re the only one. Like maybe this time, someone recognizes that you’re special. Like maybe this time, someone finally sees how great you are. Maybe this time, everything is going to change.

Until he changes his mind. And he will. That’s what they all do.

A ‘fuckboy’ will beckon you towards him and adore you, until it becomes too much for him. He will court you until he is through with you. Because a fuckboy dates on his own terms. He doesn’t fall in love. He doesn’t do ‘commitment’.

A forever type of boy is the kind that starts off slowly. He will be timid at first. Making sure he doesn’t say too much or too little. He’s not going to smother you with kisses or hugs on the first date. He’s not going to sweep you off of your feet right away. 

You’re going to be timid, not knowing what it all means. Not knowing if his heart is true. But the thing about love is, it takes time to grow and to blossom. It doesn’t start off like a forest fire.

He will be patient with your heart. Slowly cradling it in his arms, making sure he doesn’t take too much of it at once. He will be careful in the way he looks at you. Not wanting too much of you, but wanting all of you at the same time.

The difference between a ‘fuckboy’ and a ‘forever boy’ is that ‘fuckboys’ are always going to get enough of you. They are always going to need something different. They are always going to want someone different.

Forever boys will never have enough of you. They will never grow tired of the way you smell and the way you taste when your lips touch theirs. They will never grow tired of the sound of your laugh, or the way they say your name. They will never ever walk out. Because it’s not a game to them. It’s real life.

Don’t fall for someone’s charm. Don’t fall for someone just because they seem sweet to you in a fleeting moment. Don’t fall for someone just because they seem like they want you for you. No.

Fall for someone’s heart. Fall for the way he smiles at you. Fall for the way he takes care of you and the way he nourishes you. Fall for someone’s strength and true intention. Not someone’s games or mind tricks. Fall for someone who is going to stay. Not someone who is going to run. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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